Top iOS Apps


    POLTAGS iOS app allows you for finding your belongings wherever you left them and helping people who...

  • Miniatures iOS

    See an app for making 3D models on a 3D printer with e-commerce functionality

  • Cubitts iOS

    See an app for face scanning that allows for producing top-notch glasses on real human’s parameter...

  • SCOM Ionic iOS

    See a corporate app for emergency case modeling that checks staff readiness to different situations

  • Toon Googles iOS

    See a kids' entertainment app storing thousands of videos.

  • MaxASL iOS

    See an app for studying the American Sign Language.

  • Hubbly iOS

    See a social network app for sharing travel experiences.

  • Digital 360 iOS

    An iOS app for blood pressure tracking using a Bluetooth connected device.

  • Sonohaler iOS

    An iOS app controlling asthma attacks and improving its treatment.

  • Eise MVP iOS

    See the Eise Minimal Viable Product app for social shopping.

  • OBOR iOS

    A global mobile e-commerce application based on Amazon Web Services.

  • NiallMoji iOS

    A custom emoji keyboard designed by Niall Horan himself.

  • WorkoutXchange

    A fitness tracking app for creating custom workout routines.

  • Lithionics Battery Monitor iOS

    A handy app to monitor your smart battery condition.

  • Face Recognition iOS

    An entertaining Face Recognition iOS app determines the similarity between the input face and the fa...


    An augmented reality application for risk-free art buying.

  • Emojitones chat for iOS — emojis with sounds

    iOS version of the chat application with voiced emoticons.

  • Dump Truck Math iOS

    An app to calculate the expenses for the construction and trucking industries.

  • Maze Game iOS

    A cool brain-teaser game for children under five years old.

  • HiMyNameIs iOS

    HiMyNameIs is a cool new way to find a perfect couple.