Development Details



Android Phone, Android Tablet

Mobile Application


The application’s idea is to provide high-quality speed testing with in-depth parameters. Our customer needed a solid Android app that would enable complex connection testing and deliver results to users. The application allows for tracking latency, speed uplink or downlink, signal strength, connection to ports, transfer time for web pages reference, and more. 

Available in two modes, the application delivers both basic RMB-test, as well as NDT-test, the more comprehensive version that includes IP-addresses data. Before starting tests, the app automatically scans for the current data traffic, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and current location.

With convenient result menus, users received access to all connection details, as well as the Quality of Service tab — the results can be shown on graphs. 

Improving the app that was built on Java, our developers’ team managed to address code refactoring issues and implement new UI elements. By adding customization and visualization features, DB Best managed to improve the product’s performance as well as user experience by a ton.

Service Provided

  • Android client development
  • Back-end and front-end development
  • Software design and cloud architecture
  • Deployment
  • Quality assurance