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Deals, E-commerce, Social Commerce, Social Framework, Website


Pikaba is an ASP.NET MVC-based Social Shopping Platform that captures consumers’ intent to purchase and connects them with the right local business. The idea behind this Web 2.0 service is simple: it’s based on a reverse auction model where you post requests for any product or service, and merchants bid for your shopping needs. Pikaba is a unique classifieds site that uses people’s requests as a core feature of its search capabilities. Using .NET, ASP.NET, Ajax, MS SQL Server 2005 technologies our team has created a multifunctional, easy-to-use and fully-hosted social commerce solution, which can be adopted to any community or business needs. Pikaba platform comes with dozens of various features and a full-package administration panel which create unprecedented flexibility and functionality. Pikaba can serve not only as a social shopping website, but as a platform or mechanism, using which you can create your own marketplace. A marketplace can be customized to fit your business, community or other social group needs. It can be used as a basis for an online store or as a interactive directory, where community members could easily interact and reach out to one another. In 2008 Pikaba won the Mashable Open Web Award as the Best Social Shopping site.

Service Provided

  • Wireframes and interface design;
  • Website and server-side architecture and development;
  • Quality assurance;

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