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Development Details

Objective-C, Swift 4

Amazon S3 Buckets, Crashlytics, PayPal, QR Code, Amazon Web Services, Fastlane, Jenkins, Fabric

AFNetworking, XMPPFramework, MapKit, CoreLocation, SceneKit, Twitter Kit, FBSDKLoginKit, Google Sign-In, WechatKit, SpeechKit


iPad, iPhone, iPod

Mobile Commerce


A global mobile e-commerce application which helps match customers with service providers and product suppliers across the globe.

Many Internet services in mainland China are blocked due to government regulation, known by many as the ‘Great Chinese Firewall’. To bypass the Great Chinese Firewall, we had to use specific local services instead of popular blocked services. For example, we used both PayPal and HantePay for cross-border payments.

This application utilizes a customized MongooseIM chat solution with Bing Microsoft Translator services integrated directly in the chat to make communication more convenient for users around the world.

DB Best leveraged Amazon Web Services to build this application. However, global AWS account aren’t usable in China, which forced us to create a local Chinese account to support this app.

Be sure to check the related blog post and the video above to learn more about creating mobile apps for China.

Service Provided

  • iOS client development
  • Back-end and front-end development
  • Software design and cloud architecture
  • Deployment
  • Quality assurance

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