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My volunteer is an engagement network that connects people who want to track their working hours for public activities.

Our customers wanted to bring volunteer task tracking to mobile phones and help users communicate with each other. We introduced role distribution and the creation of tasks — it supports volunteer organizations, people who track time for them, and volunteers who either want or have to commit to these activities. Such workers can sign up for tasks from organizations on a special dashboard and look over their time commitment to then generate cohesive time reports. 

What’s more, our developers enabled chat functionality so that people of different roles could connect and synchronize their goals and efforts. The application also supports media files such as photos and videos for easier description of each task’s purpose.

Technology-wise, we used the means of Laravel PHP as the back end solution, while HTML and CCS were the obvious choices for the front end. Google Firebase was also a neat addition to add some cloud flavor.

Technologies: HTML, CCS, Laravel PHP

Service Provided

  • Wireframes and interface design
  • Website and server-side architecture and development
  • Quality assurance