Momdezvous Android app

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Development Details

Java, SQLite, XML

Crashlytics, Google Maps, Google Play Services, JSON, MS SQL Server, ServerAPI

ASP.NET Web API, Facebook API, Twitter API, REST API


Android Phone, Android Tablet

Communication application


The Momdezvous application is a social network built specially for mothers of young children. It helps them communicate and coordinate with other nearby mothers. The goal of Momdezvous is to organize joint leisure activities. The app contains a built-in chat to allow users to communicate within the application.

One of the cool features of Momdezvous app is anonymous matching. Here’s how it works: users press the Like button on others’ profiles. When two likes match each other, users can start communicating to arrange playdates or other social events.

When searching for new friends, users can consider their geolocation as well as the age range of mothers and children. Thus, users can find interesting connections nearby and easily communicate and spend time together.

Watch our video review where we discuss technical features of this project.

Service Provided

  • Application development
  • Server part development
  • Social network integration
  • UI/UX design
  • Graphic design
  • Quality assurance

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