Development Details



Mirai is a moderate project about making responsive web pages for a corporate site. The idea was to create a slew of pages that contain necessary information about the company life and add interactivity elements to increase users’ awareness of the brand. 

On top of a landing page, our developers introduced a number of pages that contained feedback and contact forms, as well as embedded video functionality, and the navigation menu available on all pages. What’s more, we have adjusted these pages to be responsive and support all the actual iOS and PC resolutions to compliment browser support for Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

To make a quick work of a project, our developers used the front end means of HTML, CSS, and Angular combined with JQuery.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Angular, JQuery

Service Provided

  • Wireframes design
  • Website and server-side architecture and development
  • Quality assurance