Meikkipojat Cosmetics

Development Details



Cosmetics landing page is a project that incorporates a whole e-commerce platform on a single web page and several auxiliary pages for ordering.

Our task was to build a beautiful-looking page that attracts customers and supports a whole product line functionality within a single unit. After adding over 600 available commodities names, prices, and quantities, our developers added ordering functionality that presents a form for order details: phone number, name, and email.

We also enabled WordPress functionality for content managing from the customer’s side and adding referral links to products that are currently missing.

It was a simplistic project and our developers made quick work of HTML, CSS, AngularJS, and a bit of designer’s work to make it work flawlessly.

Technologies:  HTML, CSS, jQuery, WordPress

Service Provided

  • Wireframes and interface design;
  • Website and server-side architecture and development;
  • Quality assurance;