Mechanical Reality iOS

Let us show you a few more examples of purposeful AR applications.

Development Details


QR Code, ServerAPI

AFNetworking, AV Foundation, Gesture recognizers, MDL Asset, SceneKit



iPad, iPhone

Augmented Reality, Business, Mobile Application, Mobile Development


We used some cool cutting-edge technologies in the development of the Mechanical Reality application. For example, we use the augmented reality mode to demonstrate various 3D models on the iPhone’s screen

The major application features are working with 3D objects and combining them in real-time with live images from the smartphone’s camera. However, the application can easily be customized for various business needs, such as engineering, architecture, interior or landscape design.

You can see the 3D Augmented-Reality magic right now! Don’t hesitate to download the free Mechanical Reality application on the App Store.

Check our video review for more technical details of the application.

Service Provided

  • Application development
  • Graphic design
  • UI/UX design
  • Quality assurance

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