Development Details

CSS, HTML, Java Script, jQuery, PHP


Healthcare, Social Community, Website


FitEdge is a great PHP-based website developed by our team, which promotes a healthy lifestyle. This Cake PHP website offers great functionality and is very user-friendly. Great interactive design, created by our wonderful team of designers and web architects, adds dynamic and engaging touch to the FitEdge web browsing experience. With the help of FitEdge website you can not only learn a lot of useful information about exercises, nutrition and healthy lifestyle inĀ general. You can also create an account and get a personal trainer andĀ dietitian, who will help you to build your personal program and diet, and therefore will lead you to achieving amazing results! A number of wonderful tools developed with the help of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery technologies, such as calendar with notifications, diagrams, personal page and tracking system will push you even further. With FitEdge living a healthy active life is easy and fun!

Service Provided

  • Web-interface design;
  • Website development;
  • Quality assurance;

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