Eise MVP iOS

Development Details



iPad, iPhone


Eise is a social app released by the DB Best Development Team.  

Our initial goal was to create a lookbook Minimal Viable Product (MVP) app with a built-in e-commerce.

Eise allows its users to place the photos with tagged makeup products in their newswire, reach the products tagged in the photos and order them from the official supplier just in-app.

In addition, Eise provides promotion benefits for those users who tagged the products in their photos.

DB Best utilized Swift to develop the iOS app and implemented an Instagram-like interface. We also leveraged the Stripe API for the payment processing.

Take advantage of the DB Best experience to create the MVP version of your app and be sure that your start-up will pay-off.

Service Provided

  • iOS client development
  • Server-side and back-end development
  • Specification and Wireframing
  • Software Design and Architecture
  • Graphic Design
  • Deployment
  • Quality Assurance

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