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We believe being experts in our domain implies being in the know of a wealth of the latest technologies and tools combined with non-trivial, out-of-the-box thinking, let alone possession of deep expertise.
Watch the following video and see for yourself how DB Best application development team puts these principles into practice to implement mission-critical tasks for our customers:

Let’s briefly run through the whopping list of technologies employed while creating this mobile application.


Wondering how your smartphone may come into play while attending an exhibition or any other business, educational or entertaining event? Gone are the times when a medium to interact with visitors had to be human. Nowadays it’s the privilege of smartphone apps and complementary devices. Let’s say we’re talking about a large-scale airplane show. No&hell (more…)

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Smart watch has become a part of our daily life just a short while ago, when they captured a niche of smartphones accessories and wearable technology. Not only they function as a regular watch, they can manage and send remote commands to your smartphone! With this article we’re starting a new discussion and series of blog posts on software development and interaction between gadgets and Android-based smartphones. (more…)

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Transferring photo and video files between mobile devices is one of the most common everyday tasks performed by smart phone users. In one of our recent projects we had a task to define and implement the most efficient way for data transfer between the two most popular platforms: iOS and Android. (more…)

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In this article we will talk about the challenges and solutions around building a peer-to-peer network for iOS and Android mobile devices using Bluetooth. This experience is based on one of the recent projects of our mobile team. (more…)

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